Pokémon GO introduces three new legendary Pokémon to capture

Pokémon GO is certainly less crowded than users a few months ago, but Niantic has no intention of abandoning the game: after updating 0.73.1, which we talked to you a few hours ago, today you will be able to capture three new Legendary Pokémon .

The three in question are all in the Johto of Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal Pokémon: Raikou is an electric Pokémon currently available in the Americas, European and African players will try to capture Entei, fire type, while in Asia you can come across In Suicune.

If it is void to capture them all do not worry though, because the regions will be reversed on September 30 and October 31: start preparing your Poké Balls because it will not be easy to find them all.

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