IFA 2017: Elgato shows five new SmartHome components

IFA 2017: Elgato zeigt fünf neue SmartHome-Komponenten

Elgato will be showing five new components of the Eve series, SmartHome devices that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, at this year’s IFA (launch shot: September 1). Four of these five components are completely new, the fifth is a revised version of the thermostat.

This thermostat – Eve Thermo – now has a display and a touch-sensitive surface that can be used to control the temperature comfortably. A display had Elgato first tried in the Eve Degree.

Elgato has not changed anything, the new version of the thermostat will be available on September 26th and costs 70 euros. German customers, who have the first generation in operation, get 25 Euro discount in the course of a trade-in-program.


Really new are the Eve Lock door lock, the Eve Smoke smoke detector, the Eve Window Guard window contact and vibration sensor, as well as the Eve Aqua irrigation control. Elagto wants to concretize prices and availabilities at a later date.

The door lock Eve Lock locks the front door autonomously after each opening and closing, access is granted via Siri and AppleHome or the Elgato app. The lock is equipped with a battery and runs with Bluetooth.

The smoke detector Eve Smoke has been developed in collaboration with Hager, has a battery life of ten years and offers the usual functions: If smoke is detected, an alarm is triggered and certain HomeKit scenes are activated, which are defined when setting up the device.

The window contact and vibration sensor Eve WindowGuard always keeps an eye on possible vibrations at the window and also provides information on whether a window is open, closed or tilted. WindowGuard is the HomeKit version of the window sensor from EiMSIG, so only a part of Elgato’s own development.

And finally there is the irrigation control Eve Aqua, which can automatically supply flowers and plants in the garden with water. The activation can be done, for example, via Siri. How much water has been logged is logged in the app.



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