Rune: Ragnarok: The Vikings return

Rune: Ragnarok: Die Wikinger kehren zurück

The Human Head Studios return to their first own project: announced the developers at least in the name of a continuation of the here indicated Viking-Actionspiel Rune from the year 2000.

With information on the next, after the adjusted Prey 2 completely developed in its own hand developed game, the studio is still covered at the present time. On the homepage of the title there is currently only the possibility to register for a mailing list and to see a trailer, which introduces into the setting. Rune: Ragnarok does not have to have much in common apart from the name with his predecessor.

Open world and rolling game

In the new Rune, Nordic mythology is brought to life again in a fantasy world. In the world of the game, the end of the world has already come. Ragnarök, the final strike exchange between the gods in a gigantic battle, does not end there however as in the old tales actually provided. After seven years of war, the Nordic deities are still alive. In the game, it is up to the last remnants of mankind and thus the player to end this untenable state with sword and ax and to bring the gods to their end. Whether Ragnarok with this approach to the (evil) end of Rune connects or only the setting, the developers leave open currently.

There will be definite differences on a playful level. Rune: Ragnarok is a “Sandbox Open World Rolling Game”, in which gamers meet gods, beasts, and the last remaining survivors to survive their survival. They also announce “brutal melee battles”.



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