McSIM: New LTE mini-tariffs with 1 GB from 2.99 Euro

McSIM LTE mini tariffs– The Drillisch brand McSIM has revised its LTE mini tariffs. The new LTE tariffs of McSIM are aimed at beginners who have little phone calls and send SMS.

McSIM LTE Mini 500 and 1000

The new McSIM LTE mini-tariffs LTE Mini 500 and LTE Mini 1000 solve the previous LTE mini-tariffs LTE Mini SMS 1 GB and LTE Mini SMS 2 GB. The new rates are now available in the McSIM online shop.

The McSIM LTE Mini 500 tariff is available for monthly 2.99 euros and includes 500 MB high-speed volume as well as 50 freemasons and 50 free SMS in all German networks. The LTE Mini 1000 tariff costs € 4.99 per month and has 1 GB and 100 Freiminutes and 100 Free SMS in all German networks. If the inclusive units are used up in both tariffs, each additional minute and SMS will be charged with 15 cents each. Both LTE tariffs can also be canceled monthly and the one-off connection fee is 9.99 euros. New customers switching from another mobile service provider to McSIM will receive a bill of exchange over ten euros.

Mini-tariffs: Data-processing fixed component

The maximum bandwidth in both tariffs is 50 Mbps in the Telefónica LTE network. However, customers who exceed the monthly high-speed data volume must expect higher costs. After the consumption of the monthly inclusive volume is automatically up to 3 x per month 100 MB additional data volume for two euros each. Thus the monthly tariff costs can each increase by up to six euros. The data is a fixed tariff component and can not be deselected. For the first time, the customer will be informed about the consumption of 80% of the consumed inclusive volume.

The two new McSIM LTE mini-tariffs can also be booked with a top smartphone at a single price. In addition to the iPhone 7, there are other top smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy S7 to choose from.

The new LTE mini-tariffs are available at

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