Living deads come to the real world with The Walking Dead: Our World

If you are a fan of the television series The Walking Dead, or the same comic strip series, you’ll be eagerly awaiting The Walking Dead: Our World, the new Android and iOS game, reminiscent of Pokémon GO. Even in this case, in fact, we will face a game that has actually risen, with zombies appearing in the real world, just like in the famous Niantic game.

The title is developed by the Finnish studio Next Games, which has previously developed a series title and promises an immersive experience by merging objects, characters and game elements with the environment in which the player lives. In order to increase the hype, a first video has been released that does not show the real gameplay in which players can interact with zombie hordes assisted by some of the characters in the series, such as Rick, Daryl or Michonne.

The Next Games CEO ensures that the game will allow you to answer questions like “How would you be facing a Zombie? What reactions would I have? ” The use of increased reality will allow it to experience it in everyday life, thus promising a feeling of absolute realism.

For the moment there was no set date for The Walking Dead: Our World, so you’ll have to be satisfied with the trailer you find below.





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