Android smartphone in Italy: dominates, Huawei grow and challenge the leadership of Samsung

The data of June 2017 related to Italian market show once again the domain of Android among the mobile operating systems, while the competition between brands there is a Huawei large growth that tries to challenge the leadership of Samsung.

The data were disseminated on the occasion of the IFA 2017 by Mobilens comScore (a leading company) and claim that 74.4% of mobile phones are smartphones: the percentage is in constant growth, in 2015 was 60%, in 2016, 70%.

In Italy there are 34 million users of smartphone owners, and Android keeps on the highest level of its share, reaching 73.5% (69.7% in the same period in 2016); the robot is followed by Apple’s iOS, which grows slightly from 17.9% to 18.7%, eroding the shares of other OS, including Microsoft (which drops from 10.5% to 6.9%).

In June they were purchased 17 million smartphones and 79% of these are Android. Talking about market shares for the brand, in Italy it is the Samsung brand: the manufacturer has provided a “test of strength” during the month in question, thanks to sales of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (4,1% of the total), Galaxy J5 (3.7%) and Galaxy S7 (2,6%). The brands most purchased in general are Samsung (32,1%), Huawei (20,7%) and Apple (by 18.6%).

Huawei is not, in fact, been watching, placing five of its models in the top 10 of the most sold, including P9 Lite (3.8% of the total), P8 Lite (version also available in 2017), P10 Lite and P10 Plus.

By analyzing the prices over a fifth of buyers (20,8%) has spent more than 400 euro for the new device, 17% preferred to remain in the range 170-249 euro; follows wheel the range 125-169 euro with little more than 15%. On the basis of what is purchased on one device compared to another? According to the data of the operating system is the main reason (49%), while in second place (43,8%) is the position of availability of Apps out there for the model you want.

We conclude with the characteristics you prefer: the italians prefer a screen size between 5’ and 5.5’ (43,7%), while opting for the display above the 5.5-inch “only” in the 27,9% of the cases. A decrease of 3% instead of the owners of devices with screens between 4.5” and 5”. The resolution most commonly used for the front-facing camera is 5 megapixels (+67% compared to last year), while for the rear between the 10 and the 14-megapixel camera (an increase of 89%).

You find yourself in these numbers, or you are “against the current”?



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