The return of Palm, a historic brand, will take place in 2018 by TCL

Do you remember Palm, a historic American brand working on handhelds? Well, Palm could be back in 2018 thanks to TCL, the same one that relaunched the BlackBerry brand.

Acquired in 2010 along with HP’s webOS operating system, the Palm brand went into the hands of TCL in 2011 with the promise to recreate a company in Silicon Valley devoted to creating Palm products; after years of silence, the announcement is finally on: Stefan Streit, TCL Marketing Manager, revealed that a brand new Palm product will be unveiled at the beginning of 2018, although it has not added any more information.

Given the past of the brand it seems obvious how such a product will be a smartphone, most likely with Android onboard: TCL could trace the track followed for BlackBerry KeyOne, also because webOS is nowadays relegated under the bonnet of LG smart TVs.

What do you expect from Palm’s return? Do you have nostalgia in progress?




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