Applications and mobility, a theme still to be addressed for the companies

Applicazioni e mobilità, un tema ancora da affrontare per le aziende

In almost all fields of activity, highlighted the absolute necessity to encourage the digital transformation of companies, as a key factor to differentiate and to compete on the market starting from the best possible conditions. In some sectors the change has been particularly critical, and the new digital landscape has quickly become the “new normal” of the anglo-saxon, which is, as usual, the break with the business models of the previous, now become obsolete, modifying the leading companies of these sectors.

The competition is played also in the context of the use of the data and immediate access to services and information: we want a real time access to everything. The latest data related to electronic commerce at a global level, they speak of operations that are performed for the 34% through mobile devices, with a forecast of 47% in 2018. The consumer, the customer, became extremely impatient, and the concept of real time is fundamental to provide a user experience completely satisfactory.

The situation of the companies and their employees is similar, even if the debate on the issues of mobility and applications is still open. In the course of a conference held in Barcelona, Gartner has identified four possible roles that can evolve to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The first of these is the Chief Service Provider (CSP), or the director for the provision of services, with an area of Information Technology as a center of shared services, to be considered in the same way as a self-employed activity with a report of the results of their own and the provision of services in the IT and non-IT. This focuses on providing value to business areas through services that are very competitive, paying particular attention to internal marketing. Today it is not enough to provide services of good level, but you have to try to keep their users and to avoid that they turn elsewhere.

When you have a catalog of IT services, the associated costs, the physical elements and/or logic that support them, and the levels of service offered, are the key elements to proceed in this direction. But this maturity in technology services, the result of industrialization and the adoption of best practices and standards of quality that have evolved in the last ten years, and it is extensible also to other services such as human resources, customer care, operations support and general services, so that they can benefit from the innovation in the field of IT to automate and standardize these processes.

All of these services must be accessible at any time, from any place, and regardless of the device used. For this reason, you have no applications that allow for the management, is an increasing need within companies. Users internal and external to the company and our customers, have become extremely impatient and are asking to have on their mobile devices, and applications that allow them to enjoy the same user experience that they have in their private life.

In addition, the user believes he can find it easily in the “cloud” this technology, at a reasonable cost and without having to go through complex processes of internal approval, the belief is not totally wrong. This technology, shadow, or “shadow IT,” is a reality in many companies and is likely to remain outside of the security policies and compliance rules of the company. In fact, the analysis company IDC estimates that 61% of technology projects is financed outside of IT.

It is therefore in the hands of the CIO the ability of evangelization and internal, to ensure that the steering committees to support those initiatives that allow you to deploy multiple projects related to mobility and applications, thus providing adequate responses and specific to the needs of the business. In this way, the added value will be much higher and the user will be able to benefit from the user experience in terms of technology comparable to that provider in their private life.



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