Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro: an activity tracker for sports enthusiasts who love swimming

A few minutes before the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has just unveiled a new activity tracker, the Gear Fit 2 Pro. It is simply an improved Gear Fit 2, with better water resistance and now allows it to better track the activities of swimmers.

Released last year in a certain indifference, the Gear Fit 2 was already an excellent tracker of activity that suffered only two defects: it was not compatible with iOS (which was repaired at the beginning of the year) and it was not totally waterproof. Certified IP 68, it could resist a few baths or a shower, but there was no question of making lengths for an hour in a large pool.

This second defect essentially corrected Samsung this year. The Gear Fit 2 Pro actually displays a resistance to the pressure of 5ATM, which means that you can theoretically (because in any case you never dive so low) descend to 50 meters depth. This means that you can finally take your bracelet to the pool to calculate your physical activity.

Samsung has teamed up with Speedo, a manufacturer specialized in sportswear for swimming pools, to integrate a Speedo application capable of tracking the user’s movements when swimming. The bracelet has also been slightly revised to better resist wet activities.

For the rest, this is a classic Gear Fit 2. There is a (beautiful) 1.5-inch curved AMOLED display that can display the time, control the music on the smartphone, display notifications or even the number of steps taken during the day. The device weighs only 34 grams and has a 200 mAh battery capable of holding, according to Samsung, between 3 and 4 days.

For now, only the official American site of Gear Fit 2 Pro displays the characteristics of the product. We just know that it will be available in black or red, but we do not know its release date or price. It should however be similar to Gear Fit 2 last year and turn around 200 euros.



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