BiliScreen is the app that detects pancreatic cancer by studying the eyes

Pancreatic cancer has a survival rate very low (just nine percent in the last five years) and this is in part because the disease is usually already fairly advanced when its symptoms are perceived by those affected.

Researchers from the University of Washington have found a method that is incredibly precise to test for the presence of such a disease and that people can perform with great simplicity.

It’s an app called BiliScreen that, working with the camera on your smartphone, when you use certain algorithms to determine the level of bilirubin chemical in the white part of the eyes of a person.

Cancer of the pancreas, in fact, determines an increase in the level of bilirubin in the eye, until they become yellow (its advanced stage of the disease).

This system, which allows to detect the rise of the bilirubin (an index of the various possible diseases) before it is visible, it is less expensive than a blood test and the most simple, and the goal of researchers is to offer a preventative tool to locate the onset of the disease before it is too late.

According to a study conducted on 70 people, BiliScreen proved to be 90% more accurate than a blood test to determine bilirubin levels.

The next month researchers will present their work (including special accessories), the Ubicomp 2017.





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