Mobilcom: Telekom Magenta S with 4 GB LTE for 16,95 Euro

Mobilcom Magenta S Offer – The Telekom Magenta Mobile tariff is offered via mobilcom-debitel at a low price. The SIM-Only tariff with up to 4 GB costs with Logitel only 16.95 euro.

Telekom Magenta S for 16.95 Euro

At the occasion of the Logitel birthday action we offered the Telecom Magenta S tariff in the Logitel online shop at the bargain price. The SIM-Only tariff with Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat and 2 GB data volume is offered via mobilcom-debitel for monthly 16.95 Euro. The maximum bandwidth in the Telekom LTE network is 300 Mbps in the download and 50 Mbps in the upload. The tariff also includes EU roaming at no extra charge.

For young people, the Telekom Magenta S Friends tariff with 4 GB of data volume is also offered. The monthly basic price remains unchanged. There is no connection fee for both tariffs. The minimum duration for both contracts is 24 months.

Magenta S with mobilcom discount

But how does the favorable effective basic fee come about? Mobilcom-debitel rebates the tariff for 24 months from € 44.95 to € 26.95. In addition, the customer receives an action credit of 240 euros, which corresponds to a discount of 24 months with 10 euros. This reduces the effective basic fee from 26.95 euros to 16.95 euros.

Customers should, however, cancel the tariff in any case. From the 25th month of the month, the basic monthly price increases to 44.95 euros. At the original tariff in the Telekom online shop, customers pay after 25 months 34.95 euros. However, in the first 24 months, a monthly charge of 28.75 euros will be charged. In the case of the Logitel offer, customers save a minimum of 11,80 Euro per month. Over the 24-month contract term, a savings of 283.20 euros (11.88 euros x 24 months) results.






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