Getting started with the Xiaomi Mi 5X: what is better for less than 200 euros?

It’s a smartphone that went a little unnoticed in the midst of the torpor of summer, but the Xiaomi Mi 5X deserves attention. The Chinese manufacturer offers one of the best smartphone offers that can currently be found at less than 200 euros. Here are our first impressions.

A smartphone that has the defects of the import

The Xiaomi Mi 5X was released in early August in China. His main argument? His price. For a little more than 200 euros (Gearbest currently does at 230 euros the 64 / 4GB version, or 190 euros the 32 / 4GB version), it is surely one of the best smartphones of its kind. But as much to prevent you, as this is a Xiaomi device, it will have to make concessions.

Starting with the interface, which has no basic Google apps. Gearbest, which sent us the smartphone, however allows to download and install quickly with a pre-installed application. But everything does not work as well as with a true western smartphone and many services are in English. Second fault to take into account: the phone is not compatible with the 4G band of the 800 MHz, which carries the furthest. A point to take into account if you live in the countryside, for example.

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An above average design

But if you’re not afraid of adventure (and / or put your hands in the slush), the Mi 5X is well worth it. Starting with its design, really very successful. Oh, it surely is not the most inspired smarpthone we’ve seen in recent months. Its black metal shell with its dual photo sensor housed in the top left reminds very strongly the iPhone 7 (or the OnePlus 5).

But this metal shell is superb, very pleasant to take in hand and it has the good taste to take no trace of finger. The grip in particular, is impressive for a device of this price. The rounded shell, combined with a screen with a 2.5 D glass makes it particularly soft and pleasant everyday. The finishes are bluffing of quality.

A technical sheet never seen given the price

Even the data sheet is impressive. Xiaomi did not hesitate to integrate an AMOLED Full HD screen. The latter has a little tendency to turn blue and lack a bit of fishing for my taste, but it is overall very good. And there’s nothing wrong with the internal components: Snapdragon 625 (a very good midrange chip), 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. These components are generally found in our regions around 300 or 350 euros.

Note that the Xiaomi Mi 5X has a battery with a capacity of 3080 mAh. This is in the average of the 5.5-inch devices, but this does not augur an excellent autonomy. This is one of the things we could not really check when we got started.

Last but not least, the Xiaomi Mi 5X is available on Gearbest at a price of 222.8 euros with free delivery to France. The phone is available in two colors: black or gold.



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