Razer Wolverine Ultimate: New features and RGB light for a luxury gamepad

The successor to Razers Wildcat Deluxe gamepad will be more modular: a large number of programmable buttons, interchangeable thumbsticks and a replaceable D-Pad in two designs provide additional customization options. In addition, Razer also finds space on a gamepad for RGB lighting.

Shape, size and weight changes Razer only minimally. The Wolverine Ultimate is based on the Xbox One Controller, which is supplemented by two additional shoulder buttons as well as four additional triggers on the underside. Again, Razer offers the possibility to shorten the stroke of the two normal “prints”, which should shorten the reaction time. Practically, the triggers in this configuration function as keys.


Elite controller as a model

The layout of the D-pad can also be changed as with the Xbox Elite Controller (test). With Razer, the standard four-button configuration can be exchanged for a multi-directional pad. The thumbsticks can now also be exchanged against models with concave shape – once again the Elite gamepad by Microsoft sponsored.

Razer has retained the special interpretation of the “ABXY” buttons. Under the four buttons, there are no buttons made of rubber but “masts” with an extremely short stroke – a special feature of the Wildcat and now also of the Wolverine. Even the three meter long, detachable USB cable, which is not universally interchangeable due to the shape of the connector, remains a feature of both controllers.


Let there be light

The last – probably inevitable – innovation of the Wolverine is an illuminated decorative strip. The RGB LEDs that are used in this way enable the controller to be integrated into Razer’s Chroma ecosystem, which can be configured and addressed in parallel with other Razer input devices. This also applies if the gamepad is connected to a PC with an Xbox One (X) instead of a PC.

The Wolverine Ultimate is to be offered from September to the recommended retail price of about 180 euros initially over the Razer webshop. The controller will reach free trading in the fourth quarter of the current year.




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