Samsung Up: Each year a new Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Up – Together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Korean manufacturer is launching an upgrade program that allows customers to secure a new Samsung Galaxy Note every year.

Samsung Up rental program

With the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, prospective customers can access a new upgrade program, which allows the Phablet to be hired for 24 months. The special feature: After half of the time, they can easily exchange their old equipment for the successor.

The core element of the Samsung Up program is financing via Commerz Finanz GmbH with a minimum contract term of 24 months. Interested parties can pay the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 over these in 24 monthly rates of 41.62 euros each and automatically participate in the Up service. In sum, the device costs so 998.88 euros and thus no more than in the retail purchase.


Each year a new Galaxy Note

After 12 months the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be exchanged for the successor. The prerequisite is that the device is in good condition and has no damage. Anyone who decides for the exchange will be released from the ongoing financing plan for Note 8 and will not have to use it further. However, it will be replaced by a new funding for the successor model, which will be repaid over 24 months.

Please note that Samsung does not guarantee that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a comparable model next year. If a suitable successor is lacking, customers should be able to choose a comparable model from the remaining portfolio, if desired.


Normal usage traces are considered acceptable

In order to make the exchange, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 must be in an acceptable condition after one year. Samsung understands common usage traces, which are to be adopted after 12 months. However, “Excessive damage” is not covered and may lead to the expiration of the upgrade authorization. In such cases, Samsung reserves the right to charge the costs. These include water damage, display broth and cracks as well as splintering.

The Up program can be booked at





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