Elusive 360-degree camera offensive from Acer

The two new 360-degree cameras from Acer have a somewhat peculiar position in the market of the 360 ​​cameras. With the Holo360 one is with touchscreen and the format almost on a smartphone, but of course it is none, although it has LTE and a Snapdragon 625 and Android (7.1), of course. The videos can go up to 4K, the images up to 6.9K, which is on the 3-inch screen, of course, rather strange. But it is not there. But for – if necessary – a VR glasses.

Vision360 takes a completely different position. 4K also again, but thought for the car. In the case of a bumper, it is also activated automatically and also checks the GPS. And of course you can use it as an action cam for your own carpool karaoke. Also here you can activate automatic uploads (Cloud) and, of course, when you are in bed in the evening, you can also check again, if nobody is hanging in the car, which is not there.

The Holo360 is to come in the fourth quarter for 349 euros. At the Vision360, we are not yet clear about price and availability.
Admittedly, somehow the two cameras have something to Gimmick because they have such special deployment scenarios. But whoever is looking for exactly this scenario, should feel happy with it. Unfortunately, we have not seen any of the cameras audio inputs. What a more professional scenario does not necessarily facilitate. How successful Acer can be in this market should depend entirely on where the 360 ​​market will move in the future. At the moment it looks like “in app extended surround videos shoot”, or just to enjoy AR-Albernheiten. For this, they are over- or mis-proportioned.



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