Samsung is showing new fitness tracker, the Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung zeigt neuen Tracker: Gear Fit 2 Pro

After just over a year, Samsung today introduced a version of the fitness tracker Gear Fit 2. The improvements are aimed primarily at athletes, especially at swimmers.

Because the Gear Fit 2 Pro – this is what the newcomer is called – is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. Of course, the different water disciplines can now be tracked – either with the well-known S Health App from Samsung itself or with that from Speedo. The latter, however, does not record the heart beat during swimming – the Samsung app already.

Samsung automatically places the tracker in a lock mode when immersed in the water. The display turns off and must be switched on manually by pressing a button. Apps must be started before.

The Gear Fit 2 Pro is available in two sizes, both versions have a 1.5 “large and curved Super AMOLED display, a little smaller than the previous model, but nothing has changed The pulse is now measured continuously, sports activities should be independently detected by the hardware: after ten minutes, information on calories that you have taken with the food can now be entered directly on the tracker.

The tapes are equipped with 4 GB of memory, which can be used for storing music, for example. This can then be streamed via Bluetooth to headphones. GPS is also installed.

The price in Germany is 230 euros, the delivery starts on 15 September, coinciding with that of the Galaxy Note 8.



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