O2 Hotline: Up to 45 minutes waiting time for orderhotline

o2O2 Hotline waiting time – At Telefónica, it has not been running smoothly since E-Plus was taken over, especially for customer service. Customers complain about months of long waiting times and disconnections. But even potential new customers can not reach the o2 customer service partly or not at all.

O2 Orderhotline overloaded

After many complaints at the Federal Network Agency about the inability to reach hotlines, the federal government has already set its sights on the o2 customer hotline. But not only o2 existing customers, who need a problem or help to their mobile contract must present at Telefónica a lot of patience.

Even potential new customers , who are interested in an  o2 DSL contract , are affected by the hotline dilemma. A multiple test showed an expected waiting time of up to 45 minutes ! The advance sale for the top smartphones Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 have not yet begun.

O2 Hotline Waiting time 45 minutes

Although the actual waiting time during the waiting loop is reduced considerably, many prospective customers are likely to be deterred from the first bandage and land in the competition in the search for a contract. Due to the long waiting times , the company not only loses angered customers, but inevitably also has to accept sales losses in the new customer business .

Against the Handelsblatt, the O2 parent company Telefónica once again confronted problems, a spokesman said against the newspaper: ” Due to the merger, the service quality at Telefónica Germany has not shown the desired quality in the past months .” In the meantime, however, we had already responded and ” among other things, our staff capacities were pushed up and the self-care area expanded “.

The announcement of improvements in customer service has already existed several times since the fusion between O2 and E-Plus. Finally, Telefónica Germany announced in March to build a joint customer system for all private customers of O2 and E-Plus in order to improve the quality of the service.



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