Google updates the search engine to save on air travel

The team Google kicked off the release of an update of the search engine which introduces a number of features that could be particularly valuable for users who are often traveling.

We refer to a new tab called  Flight Insights that shows suggestions that could make your trip a bit more cost-effective, such as flying on a different day, landing at another airport, or a chart to display more bids Which are advantageous among those retrieved from aggregator sites such as Kayak and Orbitz.

Among other things, there is a calendar view to check alternative rates if you are willing to fly a few days before or after the first one selected, the option to sort hotel price charts on a weekly or monthly basis, and A map to show nearby airports that could help save on flight costs.

The upgrade has already been released for the mobile version of the search engine and will later also be available for that desktop.




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