Skyroam Solis works by 4G hotspot and portable external battery

Skyroam Solis is a new product designed for those who like to travel and love doing it without sacrificing Internet connection: the device works from 4G / LTE hotspot and portable external battery.

Solis is a compact disk that provides the ability to connect to five devices simultaneously: the service is provided without a contract, but through daily passes , similar to the one offered by Skyroam’s hotpot that we saw a few months ago.

Connectivity is unlimited and is provided in more than 100 countries without you having to think about different SIMs for each location you are visiting: Daily pass costs $ 9 , a reasonable figure for some roaming rates (especially outside the EU). Looking at the FAQs, however, we find that MBs available without speed limits are 500 per day , after which the connection will go to 2G.

Skyroam Solis also includes a convenient 6000 mAh power bank to charge your mobile devices via USB Type-C: this battery allows the device to last approximately 16 hours.

Starting today, Skyroam Solis is available for sale at the official website for $ 149.99 . To find out more, you can follow this link.





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