Aldi-Talk: Refugees can not activate SIM card

Aldi-Talk activation not possible – Aldi-Talk is criticized by the Consumer Center for Lower Saxony. Fugitives could not activate a prepaid SIM card. The problem applies according to Medion Mobile but also with other prepaid providers.

Antiterroretzt impedes prepaid activation

Since July 1, 2017 , the antiterror law has entered into force. For buyers the anonymous activation of prepaid SIM cards is thereby prevented. For the release of purchased prepaid cards can only be done with a valid ID card or passport.

For refugees, the law also provides for a verification with a residence permit, proof of arrival and a certificate of residence or suspension of deportation. Many providers are using a post and video identification procedure to activate prepaid SIM cards. In addition, activation is possible in local shops.

Consumerism criticizes Aldi-Talk

Germany’s largest mobile telephony provider has now come to the crossroads of the consumer center Niedersachsen by complaints from refugees. Since July Aldi-Talk offers a prepaid registration directly in branches (Aldi Süd) or via video ident and in partnerhops.

“In the postal and video identification procedures used by ALDI Nord, documents such as residence permits can not be read because the font is apparently too small,” criticizes Marvin Momberg, project coordinator “Consumer protection for refugees” in the press release of the Consumer Center for Lower Saxony ,

Consumers’ demands have led to contradictory statements. Until now, the individual concerned is only offered individual solutions via the Aldi-Talk customer service. There is currently no uniform solution approach. “It would be desirable, however, that Aldi-Nord will improve and provide identification opportunities for this customer group,” says Momberg. The consumer center advises those who are unable to activate their prepaid SIM card to return the starter package to Aldi-Talk.

Problems not only with Aldi-Talk?

According to Telefónica press spokesman Florian Streicher, the limitations of the prepaid approvals mentioned by the consumer center are not in the influence of Aldi-Talk. The video and post-identity procedures are carried out by co-operation partners as with other prepaid providers. Alternatively, the release can be carried out with a residence title with a chip (e-stop) via the Video Ident process or – in the area of ​​Aldi South – at the point of sale. Compared to other providers, the spectrum offered at Aldi-Talk is even more comprehensive , as with Medion Mobile also a verification with non-EU passports is possible.

However, the consumer center does not criticize the verification at other providers so far, since there was simply no complaints. Who is surprised? After all, Aldi-Talk is by far the largest prepaid discounter in Germany and is used because of its familiarity as well as favorable conditions especially by migrants and refugees. It is likely that there are similar problems with other prepaid providers. Even the Consumer Center does not exclude this: ” We can not rule out the same problems with other prepaid providers that do not allow the SIM card to be activated in the shop,” says Momberg.



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