Freenetmobile: Cheap freeFlat rate from 31st August

freenetmobileNew freenetmobile tariffs August 2017 – The klarmobil brand freenetmobile has announced a new tariff portfolio on 31st August. In addition to the freeFlat tariffs, the freeSmart tariffs are also adjusted. In almost all tariffs, new customers get more performance at a lower price.

FreeFlat rates from 9.99 euros

As of 31 August 2017 freenetmobile introduces a new fare portfolio in the freenetmobile online shop. While the freeFlat 2000 and freeFlat 4000 tariff are maintained, the freeFlat 3000 tariff replaces the previous freeFlat 1000 tariff. All tariffs are still realized in the Vodafone network. We are available with 1 and 24 months running time.

The freeFlat 2000 rate with Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat and 2 GB data volume is available for monthly 9.99 Euro. For the monthly noticeable rate variant will be charged 11.99 euros. New is the freeFlat 3000 tariff for monthly 11.99 euros, which also has Allnet Flat, SMS Flat and 3 GB data volume. Customers who opt for the Flex variant pay € 13.99 a month.

The tariff with the largest data volume is still the freeFlat 4000 tariff. This has an Allnet and SMS Flat as well as 4 GB data volume. The monthly price is € 13.99 or € 15.99. Until now the three freeFlat tariffs were available from 11.95 Euro, 13.95 Euro and 16.95 Euro.

FreeSmart tariffs without free SMS

In addition freenetmobile revised its three freeSmart tariffs. The freeSmart 400 tariff is available in the future from 3,99 Euro instead of 3,95 Euro and includes an Internet Flat 400 MB as well as 100 free minutes. The price for the freeSmart 1000 tariff is also rounded from 5.95 euros to 5.99 euros. Furthermore, the 100 free SMS is not applicable for the tariff with 1000 MB and 100 free minutes.

The same applies to the freeSmart 2000 tariff. Here the monthly price is rounded from 7.95 to 7.99 euros. The included volume of 2000 MB and the 100 free minutes remain unchanged, while the free SMS is also omitted. For sending an SMS, 9 cents will be charged in all networks.




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