A new study confirms that Millennials suffer from separation anxiety from the smartphone

A new LendEDU- labeled study confirms the thesis of who claims that many Millennials  suffer from some kind of separation anxiety from their smartphone.

Born in the last two decades of the last century are particularly fond of their phone and its many apps, in many cases even morbid.

The survey conducted by LendEDU between June 5 and August 26 in over 7,000 Millennials  leaves no doubt about this: over 69% of respondents admitted to suffering if they did not have the smartphone with them (with a slight prevalence of women).

Smartphones, according to the source, have been designed to work the same way as a “slot machine”, imposing long-term use through “rewards” such as notifications and inducing the brain to release a hormone (cortisol) that pushes Users feel the need to control their devices.

LendEDU suggests that this effect is more important among Millennials as it is the “first generation completely immersed in the smartphone culture since the young age”.



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