AOSM 68 Review: Round Bluetooth sound for little money

The field of Bluetooth speakers has become quite obvious, from the high-end model to the cheapest segments. When we were asked if we wanted to listen to this one, we thought: ok, maybe interesting to know if it can be in the price class what can be obtained?

The AOSM is a quite small Bluetooth speaker of the price class around the 40 euros, which has some advantages, which one sometimes miss on similar models. On the one hand, it is waterproof with IPX5. This means that it is splash-proof. So you should not let him fall into the pool, but do not have to worry, if he occasionally water.

With 10 hours of recharge time (when the volume is not quite high), it is quite persistent and recharged in half-reasonable time. Speaking of full volume: Whoever expects a party speaker in this price class is always disappointed, but for a pleasant sound the volume is quite appropriate. Between 70 and 80 dB says the app on my phone. This is not necessarily the most reasonable announcement, because my UE Boom 2 has a similar value, but is much louder.

One must leave however the small speaker. It is quite clear and balanced in the sound reproduction. The bass goes down (around the 30Hz), even if they can not be really impressive with this size. With two small pseudo-woofers (which tend to be mechanical parts to improve the sound), something is being worked out, and even if you first think that you should release the better, the box for me always sounds better when it’s on a Table, for example, is rather vertical rather than lying.

The proper processing is very compact, the loudspeaker weighs a surprisingly large (360 grams) and therefore also a little bit more valuable. In the pseudo-woofers, as they move like the membrane of a loudspeaker, they are a little afraid that they could be damaged, but I think they are made of a plastic plastic ring in a rubber holder, If one puts on rough coercion. The edges are rubber padded, so they are quite shock resistant, the speaker itself has a metal grille and a small loop is practical to hang the loudspeaker just where. The buttons (on / off, volume, volume, pause and skipping) are stored in rubber, the connections for a cable (also goes always to have something like that) and the microUSB for charging are hidden under a rubber bag , All in all, this is robust, even if the black net can get dingy.

To the sound. The times when such small loudspeakers only sound roaring are long gone. Here, the sound is surprisingly balanced and even if I miss bass, I have to admit that you can even hear sub basses, even if not with great volume. It does not clutter, at full volume is not particularly distorted, so you can make little wrong. I had randomly still a Beats Pill of the first generation lying around here and must say, which sounded in comparison by a lot worse (obendrein even softer, if it should not pull completely). Miracles should not be expected, however, and a UE Boom 2 does not come at all, in the volume not at all, in the bass not, but costs only a third.

The box is delivered in a simple cardboard box with a miniklinke cable and a microUSB USB cable for charging as well as an instruction manual, which is even in some broken but understandable German. Power on and the box is in pairing mode. It should be Bluetooth 4.1, which could be right. However, the connection is not very far. After 8 meters air line was with me also already concluded. Two of these boxes should be connected to each other as a stereo set-up, how exactly this should work, but I am not quite clear.

All in all: who is looking for a solid small Bluetooth loudspeaker around the 40 euro rum, makes nothing wrong here.



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