Mono / Poly: Korg releases new old synth for iOS

Mono/Poly: Korg veröffentlicht neuen alten Synth für iOS

Korg has not been working on hardware rewrites of old and legendary synthesizers for quite some time: software emulations are also running regularly from the virtual band. The latest result: the mono / poly.

It came onto the market in the early 1980s and was distinguished by the fact that the four oscillators could be played both polyphonically and also monophonically, ie bundled. According to Korg, the internal architecture of the synth was reproduced exactly digitally. Two multi-effects and one patchbay extend the possibilities one has with the app.

128 presets are already in the process, 128 more can be bought by in-app purchase. The app itself costs 22 euros, the other presets cost 5.50 euros.



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