Sailfish comes as an alternative operating system for the Sony Xperia X

Sailfish kommt als alternatives Betriebssystem für das Xperia X

News from Jolla: The Finnish company, which had started with its own operating system Sailfish a few years ago, brought fresh air into the OS world – and then completely dispersed with the launch of its own tablet -, the adaptation of Sailfish for the Xperia X from Sony as well as completed. In October the operating system alternative is to be received: for 50 euros. The partnership with Sony has already been announced at the Mobile World Congress and is part of Sony’s “Open Device Program,” which gives software developers access to the Sony hardware.

Whether it is a good idea to install Sailfish X – as the official title of the adaptation for the Xperia – already in October, may be doubted. Important functions and the support of interfaces are still not implemented at all, including Bluetooth and the use of the fingerprint sensor. The interaction with Android – prerequisite for the perfect use of apps from the Play Store – and the camera support are however fully functional, it says. An update to complete the functional scope is already in progress. Also the installation is still difficult at first: A PC with Linux is needed.

However, if you want to try Sailfish on the Xperia X you need the smartphone you bought in the free market. Mobilfunker versions are problematic. For the 50 Euro, Jolla guarantees updates for one year, after which a fee-based program for further versions will be offered. The software is to be published according to the current status on 11 October.

After the tablet debacle, Jolla had once again rattled a few things and just wanted to license the software and find new partners for it. And so it came up above all there on open ears, where urgently alternatives to iOS, Windows and Android are searched.



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