Confirmed: LG V30 will be a hi-fi smartphone

Bestätigt: LG V30 wird ein HiFi-Smartphone


What was yesterday’s suggestion is confirmed today by LG via press release: The V30 will be a smartphone with clear focus on the audio technology. The phone, which LG will present next Thursday in the run-up to the IFA in Berlin, gets a special DAC.

This audio converter – a SABER ES9218P from ESS – resolves with 32 bits and is equipped with digital filters. In order to be able to convince themselves of their quality, there are also several presets available, which can be used to adjust the music reproduction according to their personal preferences.

These presets have the expected tuning: “enhanced”, “detailed”, “live” and “bass”. So either more rumms in the lower frequencies, a wider stereo image, generally more loudness or the emphasis on other frequencies.

The DAC controls the left and right channels of the stereo signal separately, which should lead to more precision in the sound image.

For the V30, LG also cooperates with MQA. Their audio codec has been used since the beginning of the year for example with the HiFi offer of Tidal. If you use your smartphone as a dictation device, the V30 can also access the earpiece as a microphone.

LG continues the partnership with B & O Play with the V30: The smartphone is delivered with InEars of the Bang & Olufsen brand.

It is to be hoped that LG has decided to offer all these features really in the V30 world wide and not only reserve certain functions only in some countries.



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