Sabre ES9218P: LG V30 comes with Quad DAC and B & O Play headphones

Sabre ES9218P: LG V30 kommt mit Quad-DAC und B&O-Play-Kopfhörern

In the V30, LG will again use a so-called Quad-DAC (digital-analogue converter) from the Californian company ESS Technology. The company today announced this through its press channel. However, it is still unknown whether LG will re-install the component again only on individual markets or in every V30.

LG is setting the V30 on the Saber ES9218P from ESS Technology. Compared to the DAC of the V20, LG wants to give the users more options for the personal adjustment of the music reproduction on hand. The Saber ES9218P offers a number of digital filters that can be used to enable users in the Smartphone settings.

Optimizations for MQA

In addition, LG has signed an agreement with MQA Ltd. In order to optimize the V30 for the reproduction of its proprietary format for allegedly lossless compression. The FLAC-based MQA format with 16-bit and 44.1 KHz is used, for example, by the music streaming provider Tidal for the more expensive HiFi subscription. However, MQA designates its format only as a losless in the sense that the adjustments are imperceptible. However, the MQA format is still subject to loss.

Better audio recordings

Also for the audio recording is the V30 according to the LG well suited. The simultaneous use of the audio receiver of the smartphone as a microphone (receiver-as-a-mic or RAM) is intended to record particularly loud sounds. LG promises a higher dynamic range from “whisper to thunderstorm.”

The V30 also includes headphones from the Bang & Olufsen brand B & O Play.

The presentation of the V30 is scheduled for 31 August at 9:00 am German time.



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