Vroom is a system that doubles the speed of mobile web browsing

Most attempts to improve the speed of mobile web browsing offer obvious sacrifices, as in the case of Google  Accelerated Mobile Pages (which alter the display of pages) or proxy server- based solutions (which endanger data security Sensitive user).

A group of researchers seems to have found a method capable of improving performance in mobile web browsing without compromising on that technology, called Vroom, and is able to load sites twice as fast as traditional solutions .

Vroom’s “secret” is the optimization of the site upload method, disinterested in how they were created.

Usually your phone browser needs to process nearly 100 web links before you view an entire page, make multiple requests, and spend a lot of idle time. Vroom, on the other hand, groups information that a browser serves to load a page. When the browser asks for information, the server also provides “suggestions” on other resources needed, coordinating delivery of content to make the most of the phone processor.

This project is not yet ready for a commercial launch but, considering it can count on Google’s support, the National Science Foundation and MIT, we are likely to hear about it soon.



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