Sarahah collects our contacts for a non-existent function

It took weeks to get Sarahah viral, and it took less time for Zachary Julian, analyst of The Intercept, to find an important anomaly in the application. We remind you that Sarahah is a developed application to give feedback to other people signed up to the application, in a completely anonymous way.

However, thanks to the monitoring of the data generated by the application, the contact data in your phone is sent to the application server without any apparent motive. Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the developer of the application, claims that data would be needed for a function not yet implemented due to technical problems.

The data collection will be removed with the next update, even though the developer calms users by stating that the data is not stored on Sarahah’s servers. Data collection, which is possible thanks to the access to contacts, takes place on both the Android and iOS versions, but it does not work much at the moment. In an upcoming version of Sarahah you should be able to search for your friends who have installed the app, but for the time being, users are certainly not excited that their data has been harvested unclearly.



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