Luna Display: Mac second touch screen on the iPad


If you have an iPad and a Mac, you have long ago found a way to make a second screen from an iPad, but this usually works reliably over cables, and you lose many touch moments because they are easy To be somewhat slow.

Luna Display is the best solution. A small adapter for the USB-C or MiniDisplay port, an app on the iPad, let’s go. Without latencies. Luna Display comes from the same company, of which also was Astropad, with which one could use the iPad as a kind Wacom tablet. That was already good, so you can hope that also Luna display can meet the expectations.

It works both via WiFi and (if there is no) with cable over USB, the graphics card of the computer is to use directly and opens on the iPad the complete arsenal of touch gestures on the iPad. The technology itself will be four times faster than Apple’s own airplay, the obendrein has comparatively marginal functionalities. 60 frames per second should be so.

Already the possibility to take the Mac desktop on the iPad just everywhere is already enticing enough. In the kickstart, Luna Display is currently priced at $ 65, but will be available in May next year.



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