AI, AR & facial recognition: the next generation social network

New social networks have a hard time – unless they really offer new functions, which can be met by the user and Polygram succeeds. This is because there is no longer a hassle of wiping or even super-fashion typing in the foreground, but the smartphone sensors often interact directly with them The Polygram software, while the user simply lets his emotions run wild. Parade application is the face detection, by means of the polygram reactions to any content generated by corresponding emoticons. Selfies can now be enriched by means of – somehow, some wooden-acting – elements (which is also AR in the boat), there are supposedly developed by beauty surgeons self-developed filters, the image of the ego, and gimmicks such as individually animatable emoticons, which are also On other networks. Polygram is so far only as an iOS version, but the Android rests should follow soon.



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