102 years porn: type loads 1.8 million gigabytes in Amazon’s CloudDrive

Since the beginning of June Amazon offers no unlimited AmazonDrive plans and a suitable, if probably not coherent, rumor says that Reddit users beaston02 is responsible for it: That had no less than 1.8 petabytes of porn on its AmazonDrive -account, in order to try, whether unlimited is also really unlimitized. The answer to this question is so far: probably yes, and if there was a limit, then beyond 1.8 Petabyte. His uploading action broke beaston02 meanwhile, because his interest in the porn-hoarding degenerated, which he was more likely to have a soft spot for data hunt and less than one for porn. The 1.8 Petabyte or 1.8 million gigabytes of porn, according to beaston02 is mainly about webcam shows, which he scrolled by script – for viewing, the material is anyway too monstrous, in 720p it corresponds to 900,000 hours or 102 Years.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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