HTC is supposed to think about selling the VR division

According to a Bloomberg report, HTC is considering selling its entire VR division. The Vive, with High Sierra just on the way to Macs, could thus soon change the owner.

It is already with the former Taiwanese Wunderkind on the smartphone market already longer and the competition pressure in the Android smartphone business is immense. In recent years HTC has lost very much in value, but above all also in market shares. 75% have lost value over the last 5 years. Now you should be in talks with u.a. Google to sell the VR division and thus the Vive. In the first quarter of this, 190,000 were to go over the ladder table. And if you consider how much the game industry longs for reasonable VR solutions, this should actually be a branch for the coming years and the competition with Oculus Rift and Sony rather small.

However, the deliberations seem to be at the very beginning, but a decision would not surprise us in a not too distant future, because at the moment Riesendeals are carried out in only a few months. The good side effect for us. The price of the HTC Vive has dropped rapidly in recent days and is now only available at 699 euros.



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