Sequent Watch: a connected watch that recharges thanks to kinetic energy

Launched on Kickstarter by a Swiss start-up, the Sequent Watch is inspired by the kinetic system of mechanical watches to propose a smartwatch capable of recharging itself by converting the energy generated by the movements of its owner.

No screen, but a notification LED and an activity tracker

Equipped with GPS chip, accelerometer, heart rate sensor and Bluetooth 4.2 connection, the Sequent Watch connects to your Android or Apple smartphone to act as a sports and health assistant via an application dedicated. Regarding notifications, this is limited because only a green LED lights up when you receive a message.

Having already far exceeded its financing objectives with more than 1,043,330 CHF raised from the 80,000 CHF requested, it should be available around 189 dollars in several colors and finishes (black, transparent, pink or steel.



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