Xbox One X: Scorpio Editions sold in record time

Xbox One X: Bestände der Scorpio Edition in Rekordzeit verkauft

After the limited edition of the Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X is already out of print almost every time after pre-sales start, Microsoft speaks of a new encroaching record for all Xbox consoles. However, the manufacturer does not call numbers as usual, but the emphasis is on the factor time.

Even during the quarterly reports, Microsoft does not name exact hardware numbers for Xbox hardware or software. In a new blog post, the group states that the pre-order of the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition breaks records and no other Xbox console was sold out in advance after such a short time.

Statements leave room for speculation

But not only the absence of exact figures, but also a look between the lines suggests that this record is actually the pure period until the stocks were ordered. Microsoft is talking about “record-setting sell-out times”, GameStop also mentions the time factor: “The speed at which we sold through our initial pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console. ”

This leaves room for speculation, as this record comes about. Since the pre-orders are only for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition and this is a limited version, it is not uncommon for fans and collectors to access them immediately and these stocks are sold out quickly. The fact that the stocks of a limited edition do not correspond to those of the regular console can potentially accelerate a quick sale.

Pre-sale of the regular version will start soon

Regrettably, the response to Microsoft’s high-end console and competitors of the PlayStation 4 Pro (test) seems quite remarkable. In the US, the console is currently ranked first among the sales in the video play area and also in Germany the Scorpio Edition is currently no longer available. Details about the preorder of the regular version are to follow next month.

GameStop, a major retailer of games and consoles, is also looking forward to increased sales by the One X. In the current quarterly report, the retailer mentions stagnating Xbox One sales as the reason for a decline Pre-orders and sales of new games.



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