Darkwood: Indie developer puts his own game in exchange exchange

Darkwood: Indie-Entwickler stellt eigenes Spiel in Tauschbörse

The developers of the Horror-Rougelike Darkwood have set their first work even on the exchange exchange Pirate Bay. A hook is not to give it, the Acid Wizard Studio wants according to their own data players with low income and a sign against untrustworthy key stores put.

Darkwood, a three-person development team, has developed Darkwood over a four-year period based on a crowdfunding and early access phase. Result of the efforts is an unusual horror game from the top-down perspective and with survival aspect.

During the day, players collect raw materials in the given forest, barricade themselves in the dark to protect them from nightmarish figures. The only thing that is visible to the player is what can be seen in the dim light cone. The title can create a dense atmosphere even without simple “jump-scares” – a view shared by players according to Steam reviews and Metacritic ratings.

Torrent as a protest against resellers

Despite these successes, the developers have set up their own plant in a exchange exchange. This has two reasons, as the studio does on Imgur. Among the e-mails received after the release of the final game version were many fraudulent inquiries asking for free activation keys, assuming the identity of a blogger or YouTube channel. These would then be sold immediately. “To be honest, we are fed up with it,” the studio writes. In addition, not every player can afford the purchase of the approximately 14 euros expensive title. This emerged from the justifications for applications from Steam refunds.

If you want to play the game, you have to go to the Pirate Bay of the latest version of Darkwood (1.0 hotfix 3), completely DRM-free. There’s no catch, no added pirate. We have just one request: if you like Darkwood and want to go to the next game, consider buying in the future, maybe on a sale, through Steam, GOG or Humble Store.

Acid Wizard Studio
The solution of the studio is therefore to set the game itself in the exchange exchange and publish the appropriate link. The torrent is provided with the request to make a purchase via GOG, Humble Store and Steam, either at a full price or during a discount sale. Regardless of their choices, the studio asks to buy key for Darkwood by no means from resellers. This would give players “the cancer that sucks the industry”. A download via Torrent is apparently the developers rather than the purchase via unauthorized resellers, which should be withdrawn from Darkwood’s business base.

Reseller already longer in the criticism

The action directs light to the existence of the game, but also to the existence basis of some shops and general problems with Resellern, which have long been and especially by Indie Studios in the criticism. Debate is also on how big the damage is to the industry. A link to Reddit to a summary deliver the developers.



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