Samsung Up: Upgrade program for new smartphone every 12 months

Samsung Up: Upgrade-Programm für neues Smartphone alle 12 Monate

In the course of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 (Hands-On), Samsung has launched the loyalty program “Up” for the German market, as Cashy’s blog has reported. With Samsung Up, users can switch to a new Galaxy smartphone from a comparable class every twelve months as part of a two-year contract.

Given the fact that the recommended retail price of the new Galaxy Note 8 is around 1,000 euros, could instead of buying buy for the one or other interested parties of the smartphone the more attractive variant for the purchase. This is exactly what Samsung now offers with its upgrade program Samsung Up.

At Samsung Up, customers rent the smartphone instead of paying the full price beforehand. The duration is 24 months, so that in the case of the Galaxy Note 8 monthly € 41.62 instead of one hit 999 euros are payable. Calculated for the full running time, the same sum is obtained. Therefore, customers will not be able to pay the full amount at the end of the term. However, Samsung-Up customers have the advantage that they can upgrade to a new Galaxy model of comparable class after 12 of the 24 months, for example the “Galaxy S9” or “Galaxy Note 9” in August 2018. Since Samsung Up Exclusively through Samsung’s online shop, the monthly rates are based on the non-binding price recommendation, which is potentially higher than in the free trade.

Early upgrade, same prices

Up to the upgrade to the new device, the previous one has to be paid only half. After the change to the new smartphone, the contract continues under the same conditions, until the customer can leave him after 24 months at the earliest after personal preference. This means that in the case of a two-year term, the full price of a new purchase is paid in each case. Samsung does not offer its smartphones with Samsung Up more favorably, but allows at the same, but staggered price, only earlier upgrades. The terms of the contract are similar to the iPhone upgrade program, but this is not yet available.

Participation in Samsung Up requires a Samsung account. In order to complete the contract, the smartphone is normally placed in the shopping cart of Samsung’s online store, but then selected Samsung instead of the usual payment. In two additional steps, the forms of the financing partner must be completed before the dispatch and the online or PostIdent procedure must be carried out. The full conditions of participation can be viewed here (PDF).



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