Jolla: Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X from October for 50 Euro

Jolla: Sailfish X für Sony Xperia X ab Oktober für 50 Euro

Jolla has announced the operating system Sailfish X after some development time. This version of Sailfish is adapted for the Sony Xperia X (Test) and is available from mid-October. In addition to the smartphone, the operating system has to be purchased for 50 euros for use.

Not yet everything works

According to Jolla, the current state of development is operational and works well, but not unrestricted and accompanied by occasional lags. Bluetooth, the FM radio, the fingerprint sensor as well as “new sensors” such as barometers or step counters are not yet usable. What works for this is, for example, the camera, mobile data and support for Android apps. Features, which are not yet included in the first publication, are to be submitted later in the future.

Prerequisites, price and scope

Although Jolla will publish documentation and help files, it will still require some experience with the PC, as well as Linux as an operating system. Also, the command line will be used; the system will not be installed completely, but the user will have to manually put his hand.

Furthermore, of course, the Sony Xperia X, according to Jolla as a single SIM variant, as well as an order from Sailfish X. That the operating system is paid for, shimmered already recently, now Jolla has called the price. Participants of the Sailfish Community Device Program are to receive a discount, which is to be specified at a later date.

A year of updates

The price includes not only the image of the operating system but also installation instructions, customer service and a year of updates. After this year, a “continuation program” is to follow, but Jolla currently does not specify. It also includes support for Android apps, Microsoft Exchange, and access to the Jolla Store for the package.


Pre-orders for Sailfish X will be accepted from September 27th, from 11th October Jolla plans to provide the operating system images. The necessary Sony Xperia X costs in the computerBase comparison depending on the color between 280 and 300 euros.



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