Vodafone combines Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Red M, Red L and Red XL

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at Vodafone – Also Vodafone offers the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from immediately for pre-buyers and combines the Phablet with the in-house Vodafone Red tariffs M, L and XL.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the new Phablet is available in the Vodafone Onlineshop for pre-buyers. The delivery will take place from September 15, 2017, until September 14, 2017, the device also participates in the pre-order campaign. Through these, prospective customers can secure the free DeX station, with which the device becomes a mini-PC.

Without a contract, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available for 999.90 euros, in combination with a Red contract, the one-time purchase price drops significantly. Vodafone provides the Phablet with the Red M, the Red L and the Red XL, which are offered in the first three months without package price calculation.

Vodafone Red Rates

The Red M costs 60.29 euros per month. For the Red L, € 59.29 will be charged in the first year and € 69.29 per month in the second year. The Red XL is available for 67,29 Euro and then 87,29 Euro monthly. The offer prices are valid for the duration of the minimum contract term of 24 months.

The Red tariffs each contain a voice and SMS flat rate in all German networks as well as a mobile data record with LTE speeds of up to 500 Mbit / s. The Red M contains 4 GB volume, the Red L and Red XL have 8 GB and 14 GB. The EU roaming and the GigaDepot, with which the unused data volume can be brought into the folgemonat, are also included.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs 399.90 euros and 299.90 euros, depending on the tariff.




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