O2: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with and without free contract

Sky Ticket with live football for o2 customersSamsung Galaxy Note 8 at o2 – In addition to Vodafone and Sparhandy, o2 also offers the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for pre-buyers. Besides the combination with an o2 free tariff, prospective customers can also purchase the Phablet without contract via the o2 My mobile phone financing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The new Phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes on the 15th September 2017 in the trade and can be pre-ordered with o2. If you hit until September 14, 2017, you can secure a free DeX station, which turns the device into a mini-PC.

O2 offers the note in the onlineshop with and without contract and raises a one-time purchase price of 997 euros. Without a contract the device can be booked via the o2 My mobile phone financing and paid over 24 months. A monthly rate of 41.50 euros is payable, the one-time purchase price is 1 euro. After the last installment has been paid, the financing automatically ends.

O2 Free contract with grade 8

O2 recommends the combination with the in-house o2 Free M tariff, which offers not only a voice and SMS flat rate in all German networks, but also a monthly data volume of 4 GB with maximum LTE speeds of 225 Mbps . EU roaming is included in the price. On request, a MultiCard can be booked for € 4.99 per month. Once the volume limit is reached, the data rate is throttled to 1 Mbit / s (via UMTS and HSDPA).

In the first six months, the combination of o2 Free M and Samsung Galaxy Note costs 58.99 euros per month. From the 7th month the monthly package price increases to 63.99 euros, from the 13th month 68.99 euros are due. The one-time purchase price for the grade 8 is 1 Euro. The minimum contract term is 24 months.

At www.o2online.de the grade 8 is available immediately.




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