Klarmobil Mobile savings tariff with Amazon voucher for 1,95 Euro

Klarmobil mobile savings tariff with Amazon voucher – The klarmobil Handy-Spar-Tarif is available for a short time at the Aktionspreis via Logitel and can be booked once for a favorable 1.95 Euro. Who decides for two tariffs, receives an Amazon voucher worth 32 euros.

Klarmobil mobile phone savings tariff

The klarmobil mobile phone savings tariff is available in the online shop of Logitel for a great time at a special price. The offer is priced at 1.95 euros and has a minimum contract term of three months. Subsequently, he can be terminated at any time with a deadline of one month to the end of the month.

There is no monthly basic charge or fixed costs, the tariff is realized as a classic 9 cent tariff. This means that for each minute and SMS in the German networks, 9 cents are collected uniformly. For each megabyte 49 cent are due, the maximum surf speed is 7.2 Mbps.

Amazon voucher with double booking

Interested customers who make the klarmobil mobile phone savings tariff twice, can secure an Amazon voucher worth 32 euros. This is divided into 16 Euro twice and can be redeemed for the products of the online retailer.

Please note that klarmobil charges a non-usage fee of 1 Euro per month if the monthly turnover is not more than 3 Euro. This is due for the first time as of the 4th maturity month. The start credit of 10 euros is valid for six months and is charged with connection charges. Unused credit is forfeited.

At www.logitel.de the rate is available immediately.

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