IPhone 7s: Photos should show the front

Angebliches iPhone 7s mit Flachbandkabel Bild SlashleaksIPhone 7s Pictures Front – While the Apple anniversary iPhone 8 already has enough information, details about the iPhone 7s are rather rare. Currently, new images have been leaked, which leave the appearance of the iPhone 7s to be anticipated. Accordingly, as expected, an optical difference to the current iPhone 7 barely recognizable.

IPhone 7s: Photos leaked

On September 12, Apple is reportedly on the September keynote to introduce the premium smartphone iPhone 8. Expected is a completely new device with special features, which will stand out from previous iPhone models clearly.

Also the successors of the still current iPhone 7 models are presented on the keynote well. Here, Apple will traditionally only introduce new “S” models that iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, with current hardware and new iOS version, but without design changes. New pictures will show the front of the iPhone 7s.

Visually hardly a difference

The pictures are taken from the website Slashleaks and show the front of the display of the alleged iPhone 7s. According to the report, the photos were taken during the installation of the display. Another picture shows the back of the display together with two flat ribbon cables connected to the device.

If the pictures are not a fake, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will differ little from the previous models. The receiver, the proximity sensor and the front camera are located on the upper housing. All components are placed in the same place, as with the iPhone 7. The round hole seems to be intended for the physical Homebutton. Only the used case material seems to differ from the iPhone 7. As seen from previous Leaks, Apple will probably envelop the back with glass, allowing wireless charging is possible.



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