Galaxy Note 8: Manufacturer explains the reason for smaller battery

Note 8 SamsungGalaxy Note 8 small battery– Although the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses a slightly larger OHD + display than the Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung has decided for a smaller battery. For many people incomprehensible, because they hoped for a longer term. Now Samsung has issued a statement why a “only” 3.300 mAh is stronger on board.

Galaxy Note 8 with smaller battery

When Samsung presented the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, it became clear that the manufacturer does not like hoping to put a larger battery pack. Because of the note 7 explosions debacle was similar to expect, on the other hand, Samsung should have found a solution in the meantime.

Although the Galaxy Note 8 uses a larger display than the Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung has “only” a 3,300 mAh strong battery installed (Galaxy S8 Plus 3.500 mAh battery). The reason is probably not beware of overheating and explosion.

Samsung looks to the battery in Galaxy Note 8

According to a report from The Investor, Samsung decided to buy a smaller battery in Grade 8. It was therefore assumed that because of the 6.3-inch display with QHD + resolution, a lot of energy is needed, which could shorten the battery life. In the report, DJ Koh, head of Samungs Mobile Division, explains the reason for this decision.

“One of these is the 10 nanometer chipset, which has improved the phone’s energy efficiency by 30 percent. In addition, users can adjust the energy consumption based on their usage behavior and thus generally increase the battery efficiency, “says DJ Koh. At the same time, DJ Koh reiterated that there will be no debacle like the Galaxy Note 7. “I can guarantee the safety of the battery,” says the statement. Also, Samsung pointed out that nothing was concealed and everything was done to fix the cause and error regarding the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. How the runtime from Note 8 in practice behaves, tests still have to prove.

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