Facebook releases new emoji dedicated to the family, but forgets something

Facebook has released a new family emoji series, available for the moment only through the web site, desktop and mobile. There are 125 emoji, which are added to the generic ones, with yellow skin, adding different shades of skin color and more family combinations.

Unlike Microsoft, which last year had included some 52,000 household emoji in Windows 10, Facebook does not offer emotions with interracial families, due to difficulties in coding images with different skin colors.

It should be noted, for example, that sending an emoji from Windows 10, including, for example, an Asian male, a Caucasian woman and an African American child, a user of a different platform will receive three separate images. It is therefore an intervention in defining the standards governing the management of different skin tones in the emoji, to simplify the creation of mixed family groups.

To insert new emoji on Facebook just select the desired group and press and hold to select the favorite skin tone.

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