On WhatsApp are the verified business accounts coming in

WhatsApp is leading a pilot program with a small number of business activities to explore new ways of communicating with its users / customers. The confirmation comes from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) of the instant messaging app, which justifies the presence of the new symbol symbol that may appear alongside the name of a contact.

The presence of the check mark next to a contact in your address book indicates that this is a business account, verified officially by WhatsApp. Also when you start a new conversation with a verified business contact, you will be alerted by a yellow background message that can not be deleted.

You may be contacted for various reasons from a business account, perhaps for assistance on a purchased product. The display name will be the one selected by the business, unless the contact is already in your address book. In this case, the name you have chosen will be displayed. If you no longer wish to be contacted by a business account, you will still be able to block it, as is normally the case.

If you have to see the green check mark alongside your contact then do not worry, it’s just a business account verified by WhatsApp.




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