You have a DJI Spark? Then renew the firmware!

Flugverbot für die Spark von DJi ohne aktuelle Firmware


DJI reacts with a quite drastic measure to singled crashes of the Spark drone. This week, a firmware update will fix the problems that caused the crash. The drastic thing about this is that anyone who does not have the new software installed until 1 September can no longer fly with his Spark.

Against the installation of a current firmware on a still relatively new product speaks of course nothing at all. On the contrary, customers should check regularly anyway, if there is perhaps no new software for the Quadcopter. The clear Either-or from DJI suggests, however, that the problem is greater than previously assumed. The manufacturer argues with the flight safety.

DJI has chosen a mandatory firmware update to ensure flight safety and reliability. Both aspects have top priority.

First reports of crashes of the Spark were at the end of July. DJI responded quickly, stating that only a small number of the Quadcopter delivered were affected. The drone had been introduced at the end of May.

The problems remind the karma of the competitor GoPro, which was also increasingly supported and finally had to be recalled completely. The trigger: difficulties with the current supply. The spark of DJI has apparently also struggled with this.



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