Gamescom: Logitech shows new webcam – Brio 4K Stream Edition

Gamescom: Logitech shows new webcam - Brio 4K Stream Edition

Logitech is showing the new “Brio 4K Stream Edition” at Gamescom, a live webcam of games and other streams. Important and worth mentioning facial recognition feature.

The high-resolution resolution of 1080p of the previous version to here 4K is modern. Streaming is at 30fps, who takes the full HD resolution, can expect 60fps. The latter is also the default resolution for streams, the image taken in 4K is then streamed into 1080p. Who buys the new Brio camera gets a one-year premium license of XSplit for free, the camera also supports OBS.

The camera uses the so-called image frequency priority mode. This means that possible delays in recording and playback in slow motion are prevented. The background can be removed using an AI app, blurred or neutral. The face detection works in conjunction with Windows 10 and also offers the different filters.

The new camera costs 249 euros and is now available in stores.



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