IPhone 8: Presentation on 12 September with up to 512 GB

IPhone 8: Presentation on 12 September with up to 512 GB

September is at Apple for years the month, in which new iPhones appear. The tradition is also to be maintained in 2017. Apple is presenting this year’s iPhone models according to a report on 12 September. In addition, there is information about the potentially available memory options.

New iPhones on September 12th

The report on the presentation date comes from the Swiss Apple- Newsseite Mac4ever , which in the past was more correct in terms of rumors about new products. According to this, information from mobile operators indicates an introduction of all three iPhones on 12 September. These include the OLED flagship iPhone 8 and the two LCD versions iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

Apple has so far neither announced the presentation date nor the beginning of sales. If the keynote actually takes place on September 12th, a pre-sale start on 15 September and a final sales start on 22 September is likely.

Different information about the storage capacity

The latest news about the storage capacity of the iPhone 8 goes from three variants. The customer will be able to choose between 64, 256 and 512 gigabytes for the OLED model. The information is, however, with caution to be enjoyed, as the photograph of a supposed iPhone-8 memory module published together with the Weibo-Post shows a SanDisk variant. So far, only the memory suppliers Toshiba, SK Hynix and Samsung were mentioned in relation to the upcoming iPhone top model.

The most importantly informed KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo regarding new Apple products is two memory options: 64 and 256 gigabytes.

The RAM equipment of all this year’s iPhones should be according to the Weibo source 3 gigabytes. Kuo, who also speaks of 3 gigabytes with regard to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus, rejects the message for the smaller iPhone 7s but only 2 gigabytes of memory expected. Kuo goes from 10 to 15 percent faster DRAM transfer rates than the 2016er models, as Apple thereby promises a better Augmented Reality performance.

A11 chip and other components

A few days ago, photos emerged showing the SoC of this year’s iPhones. The A11 chip is reported to be exclusively manufactured by TSMC. There are no indications of any performance increases or greater energy efficiency compared to the A10 chip of the previous year.

In addition to the SoC recordings, pictures of other supposed iPhone 8 housing parts and interiors have recently been released. This includes the display mounting, connections to the lightning connection as well as power cables.

OLED display with area for function buttons

The iPhone 8 is supposed to be the first Apple smartphone with OLED display. It is still unclear whether the entire display area is normally usable or Apple reserves a certain area for function keys, which are oriented on the workflow at the touch bar of the MacBook Pro.

Because of the almost frameless display of the iPhone 8 the Homebutton on the front side, there are speculations around the simultaneous abolition of the fingerprint sensor integrated in the button Touch ID. A biometrically faced scanner, most likely placed next to the front camera, could replace Touch ID.



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