Galaxy S8: “Bixby” voice activated worldwide, but still not in German

Bixby auf dem Galaxy S8Bixby auf dem Galaxy S8Bixby worldwide, but not in German– Samsung had introduced the AI Assistant “Bixby” with the Galaxy S8 (Plus). Up to now, the language assistant was only very limited to use, hardly any use with practically few exceptions. Samsung has now activated voice input worldwide, but “Bixby Voice” still does not understand German.

Bixby Voice activated, no language input in German

The in-house language assistant from Samsung, Bixby, was introduced by the manufacturer along with the idea of the Galaxy S8 (Plus) as the feature at all. To date, however, the language input from the AI Assistant was not possible or only partially.

Now Samsung has begun to roll out Bixby Voice worldwide. According to The Verge Bixby understands Korean and English and corresponding updates are available in South Africa, the UK, India, the Netherlands and also Germany. But German users must continue to activate Bixby Voice in English.

Hi, Bixb: End of 2017 also in our language

The AI Wizard is activated with the input “Hi, Bixby” after the Bixby button has been pressed. Whether Bixby can also succumb to Apple’s Siri or the Google assistant is, as long as the language assistant German is not mastered – at least questionable.

Bixby is closely associated with almost every aspect of the Galaxy S8 (Plus) and the new stylus-Phablet Galaxy Note 8. Bixby is constantly learning what makes a search always better and more accurate. Since Bixby detects whether you touch the screen, write or speak a command, you can communicate with the system in different ways, so on the Samsung website. Other features, such as Bixby PLM, Bixby Wakeup, Bixby Dictation, and Bixby Global Action, are likely to be available for the Galaxy S8 in the coming days.

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