ReplyASAP, the Android app that forces children to respond to parents’ SMS

Everyone has sometimes come to ignore messages received from their parents, eager to find out where we are, who we are and when we are going to go home.

Well, the UK arrives an application that “forces” her children to answer: her author, the 45-year-old Nick Herbert, seems to have found the solution to making the youth a little less “rebellious.”

The operation of this application is quite simple: when the message is received, a window opens on the smartphone screen, which can not be closed unless it is responding to it.

ReplyASAP, this application’s name, was designed by Herbert because of the child’s behavior, accustomed to not responding to paternal messages because of the constantly “silenced” smartphone (the app’s features include voice notification Regardless of the phone’s audio settings).

ReplyASAP for Android can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store (includes an annual subscription):

Android app sul Google Play

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